Doodle Card Deck
Doodle Card Deck
Doodle Card Deck

Doodle Card Deck

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Known for her doodle colorwork cowl patterns, designer Jamie of Pacific Knit Co. has created a fun set of cards as an ultimate way to inspire creative colorwork.  Use these flexible, mix-and-match chart cards to visually re-arrange and design your perfect pattern.

Choose your construction, motifs, order, and color combos. You'll want to knit this pattern again and again because it's different every single time!

Whether for you or your favorite knitting friend (or both?), this choose-your-own-adventure colorwork chart pack is perfect for knitters of any skill level.

This deck includes instructions for 2 patterns:

  • Infinity Cowl (3 sizes)
  • Standard Cowl (3 sizes)

How it Works:

  1. Choose your construction method
  2. Choose your doodle charts
  3. Choose your order/colors
  4. Start knitting

Once you select your construction method above, use the chart cards to help visually plan out your colorwork.

  • Use charts in any order
  • Use charts in any theme together
  • Stack vertically see what the full chart looks like
  • Change your mind? Re-arrange again!

Once you have your order determined, collect your stack of cards in that order to work charts one at a time.