Spotlight On: Plant Based and Non-Wool Blends (Part 1)

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Let's take a deep dive into the shelves at Monarch and feature some of our favorite plant-based and wool-free alternatives. 

Isager Trio 250% linen/flax; 30% cotton, 20% tencel

With the softness of your favorite t-shirt, Isager Trio 2 is a great all-season yarn—perfect for garments and accessories alike. Linen and cotton are blended with a touch of Lycocell (tencel) into a yarn that holds a nice heft, drapes softly, and provides beautiful stitch definitions. Great on its own, it works well held together as well as paired with other Isager yarns for endless combinations.

Saltkrakan Tee by Sari Nordlund - Fabulous sweater; mainly, I love stripes this summer!

My Wave Tee by Norgard Knitters - When Koryn knitted a swatch for this sweater, she was incredibly impressed with the hand and fabric. She might even add a bit of sparkle to the yoke by carrying along some Diamant Thread!

Knitting For Olive Pure Silk - 100% silk (big restock!)
Knitting for Olive Pure Silk is a soft, exclusive yarn of pure bourette silk (raw silk) produced from silk fibers collected from cocoons after the chrysalises are allowed to mature into moths and escape. Wonderful for all seasons; we especially reach for it during warmer months.  It makes for such lovely accessories and light tops!
Summer Camp Kerchief - If you are new to knitting silk, this is a great project to try! Katie loved her kerchief so much that she's knitting another!
Ponte Top by Ksenia Naidyon - Koryn is knitting this and cannot put it down.  It is a fun project, and she enjoys working with the pure silk!
Doesn't this pattern look like fun?
Pascuali Puno70% cotton, 30% camelid - alpaca

A wonderfully soft blend of GOTS-certified cotton and Peruvian alpaca wool results in great year-round yarn. Suitable for light garments and accessories, Puno feels divine while wearing and knitting. You won't want to put your needles down. These beauties are un-dyed–the neutral color palette is thanks to the natural fibers of the cotton and alpacas.

Knus Light by Elsebeth Judith - I adore this pattern! Connie is planning on knitting this sweater soon. I like that you can choose to use the textured pattern only in the yoke or as an all-over design feature.
Laia by Isabel Kraemer - Would a pattern round-up be without one of my favorite designers, Isabel Kraemer?  Long sleeve, short sleeve, you choose.

Stay tuned for part two! We will discuss some amazing cotton yarns and my favorite wool-free yarn!

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