Spotlight on: Travel Knitting for H+H Americas

Koryn and I are off to Chicago for the H+H Americas trade show next week, and you had better believe one of the most important things we are packing is our knitting. Yes, this will be a jam-packed work trip, but our knitting will always be at our side. The conference center, the hotels, and the restaurants are filled with industry people who knit and crochet. Anytime you have a break, out comes your project. So what are we bringing?

Koryn is going to knit cast on Summer Saga by Britt Marie Bremmer. The last time Britt-Marie was in town for a meeting, she pulled this sweater out of her magic bag of knitting.  We ordered the yarn, Plymouth Sea Isle Cotton, and Koryn called dibs on knitting a sample the second we saw it. 

Koryn is knitting the sweater in the same color as Britt's sample, Taffy. Doesn't it look like you just left a candy store in a beach town?  The Sea Isle Cotton is so soft, and it is just a fabulous summer sweater! 

I am taking two projects to Chicago. The Fern Lake Blanket, featured in this week's newsletter, is in my first knitting bag. I started it on Sunday and cannot put it down.  It is a fun blanket to knit! Four colors of Berroco Vintage Baby are combined to create gradient stripes. As you all know, I love a pattern that changes every few rows. I always want to get to the next section!

I love the stitch pattern.

I am also going to take Tresoro.  It is a smaller project that I can slip into my handbag. I want to get the sleeves finished up while I am gone! The mYak Kupa is so lovely and relaxing to knit with! We will have that as a sweater kit soon!

Follow along with our progress while we travel! We will be posting updates to both Instagram and Facebook



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  • Elaine Nicol on

    My daughter was gifted the beautiful Berroco blanket as a gift for her new baby by the wonderful Ginny , the yarn is so soft and she is using the blanket on her daily walks , we love it and I can’t wait to start one :) Happy Grandma ( Lolli )

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