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I had planned on writing a blog post this week that would be the first in a series that would take you through knitting a sweater step by step. I had the post generally sketched out, except for one thing, the sweater.  I cannot decide! 

Instead of leaving this space blank for the week, here are the sweaters I am deciding between.  I plan to knit all of these in the next few months, but perhaps writing about them will help me put them in order...or provide you with some inspiration for your next knit.

1. Field Sweater by Camilla Vad - I have been watching the test knits on Instagram for the last month.  The sweater was released this week, and I am definitely knitting it, but I cannot decide what yarn to use.  Do I use a single skein of a DK like Scout or knit it with a fingering and silk mohair held together?  I thought I wanted to knit it in a chocolate-ish color, but I am afraid the pattern would be lost. It is a gorgeous sweater.

2. Sabela by Isabell Kraemer - I love this sweater and want to knit it in mYak Kupa, but I knit Tresoro in that yarn. Do I want to knit the same base again? Will I get bored doing that?  I would make the long-sleeved version and do a different color on the other sleeve. Connie is knitting this sweater right now in three colors.

3. White Russian by Thea Colman - Thea's pullover has been in my queue forever. Should that make this sweater the leader of the pack? The rib/lace stitch pattern is so lovely. I know I could get a ton of wear out of it.  It is knit in DK, so Scout or Asilomar DK are the front-running yarns for the project.

4. Anker's Sweater by Petiteknit - Yet another one that has been in my queue for a while. A client came in the other day wearing an Anker's Sweater, and honestly, it looks even better in person than in photographs.  I have five skeins of a yarn that will land on our shelves in the fall.  Should I be ahead of the game and get a sample knit up now?

5. Seashore Stroll by Jennifer Shiels Toland - Cute? Right? The yoke looks like so much fun to knit! I might make a long-sleeved version, so it is more wearable in our climate. I would knit this in Weld or Julie Asselin Fino....a pink would be pretty!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section if you have a minute or two!


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  • Debbie on

    I vote for the Field Sweater. A lovely design and a year-round wear on the peninsula.

  • Penny on

    Field sweater is gorgeous and would be a perfect Fall to Winter sweater for here. I do love Ankers sweater by Petiteknit too though and in a pretty neutral it would be a good “go to”

  • rita wells on

    My vote of Field Sweater. Such a lovely look.

  • Joan Leonard on

    I love White Russian.

  • Tina on

    I feel like we are instagram twins and see the same things popping up – lol . That field sweater ist just lovely, and I bought the pattern right off the couch last night – it‘s 20% off until the weekend.
    I also have the Anker in my queue for a long time, and I think it will fit perfectly into Pacific Grove. And then Isabell with her striped sweater this morning – who doesn‘t love stripes? And then the three colors – just cute.
    If I was you, I would go with the Anker shirt and the store sample. That sweater just screams summer at the sea, in my opinion. And then I would do the field sweater for fall.

    Tina (I love the Bay Area micro climate, it‘s nice and sunny where I am, but not hot-hot

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