While We Stitch: December 2020

Our recap of our weekly newsletter, column "While We Stitch Away" for December 2020 is filled with holiday treats, gift wrapping inspiration and some favorite reads, recipes and more! 

December 3rd: Holiday Treats!
Here are some of the goodies I plan to send along with a few gifts!

We all have our own recipes but Peanut Blossoms are a must. 

I always include a bag Barefoot Contessa's Granola. (I eat this every morning with yogurt and blueberries!)

I usually don't consider chocolate chip cookies a holiday cookie but I am obsessed Alison Roman's Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Shortbread. I think they will pack really well too!

Don't you always have to include a gingerbread cookie?

The New York Times just ran a good article on the perfect cookie box.

December 10th: Gift wrapping inspo!

Our "I Otter Be Knitting Tote" is a great way to wrap up your knitting gifts!

Are you like me and struggle with tying the perfect basic bow? I am embarrassed to admit it, but this tutorial was an "ah-ha" moment for me.  I had been going about it the wrong way for years!

Adding personal touches like printed photos to gifts is such a sweet idea.

Love to get crafty and resourceful with gift knitting? Check out these Modern Ways to Wrap Your Gifts.

December 17th: Currently Loving Reading Cooking.....
Snow has been on my mind, as my youngest is getting quite a bit in Pittsburgh these days.....(The picture above is her kitten, Oakley, looking out of their apartment window!)

Do you long for a snowy walk?  How about 3.5 hours of a Virtual Winter Walk? You should be able to get some knitting in while you "stroll"; sadly, it won't count towards your daily steps!

Don't ask me what virtual rabbit hole lead my daughter and I down this path, but we became fascinated with Svalbard Island this week. Did you know this archipelago houses the Global Seed Vault and also boasts the northernmost sushi restaurant in the world? 

If a good night's sleep is eluding you, how about some night sounds of a Blizzard with Howling Winds to lull you to dreamland? Best experienced from the coziness of your bed, of course!

Lastly, if you are missing a snowy landscape here are some stunning photos. Check them out here and here.

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